Want to Be a Finisher From Guard?
  •  Competition Test Triangle Techniques and Adjustments (Each technique has been used successfully at every level from White to Black Belt.)
  •  Detailed Insights on How To use the Triangle as an Attacking Position Rather Than Just a  Submission (When you understand this your triangle attacks sky rocket.)
  •  Catch More Triangles (​Stupid-Simple triangle setups are both easy to implement and brutally effective.)
  • So Easy Even A White Belt Can Do. (Even the White Belts at our gym have used this system effectively in rolling and competition.)
  • Finish More Triangle Chokes (Tweaks, adjustments and finishes to boost any triangle choke.)
  •  Build a Dangerous Guard (Being a submission machine from bottom with triangle chokes and armbars gives you a dangerous guard that people struggle to pass.)
  • Pull Guard Right Into A Triangle Choke (Takedowns may not be your thing. In the course you'll learn how to pull guard and immediately attack with a triangle choke.)
  • How To A Fundamental BJJ Sweep And Make It A Triangle Setup (You'll see how to take one of the 1st sweeps you learn and convert it too a triangle choke setup.)
  • Chad's Favorite Triangle Choke Drill (This is the drill Chad used to develop the quick hips he uses to snag triangle chokes.)
  • Instant Access! (100% Digital Product, you get access as soon as you order.) 
Watch The Video Below To See My Triangles in Action!
When you're watching these matches. It sometimes looks like I'm just doing a regular ole triangle. But there's so much more going on than that! 

There are simple micro adjustments that I'm making during these matches that make the Triangle position more successful for me. 

If you'd like to take your Triangle game to the next level, or if you would like to become more of a Finisher from the bottom. 

Then let me show you my exact Triangle System! I hope you love it and I hope it leads you to success just like it has for me for so many years!

-Chad "The Beast" Hardy 
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