Want Better Takedowns?
Learn A System Developed Specifically For BJJ That Will take the Fear out of takedowns and give yOU control whether it's on the feet or on the ground 
All Matches / Fights Start on the Feet. . .
We all know that all fights and competition matches start on the feet. 

But yet, people often neglect putting any focus on the takedowns or standing options. And this is only mad worse because people believe a LIE. 

Many BJJ practitioners believe that because they didn't start in a sport like Wrestling or Judo that in BJJ they're predestined to be a Guard Puller. 

Now there is nothing wrong with pulling guard. But it's not true! I promise.

Takedowns are 1 part technical and 1 part mindset!

And since 2009 I've been training my students who have become takedown artists in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. Most of which had absolutely no takedown experience before BJJ! 

And this is because the system of takedowns I teach are specifically for BJJ. 
This is in contrast to most people . . .
  • Most people lack a true step by step approach to their takedowns.
  • Most people dance around aimlessly with no real focus during BJJ matches. 
  • Most people can’t score the takedowns that they want. 
  • Most people are either forced to pull guard or they have ugly matches that leave them frustrated. 
  • Some people are even downright scared of takedowns all together for fear of injury or because of lack of knowledge.

And I believe the issues listed above are because many gyms don't touch on takedowns very often. And this is a mistake!

Leg locks have become super popular recently. 

And we know that if you ignore leg locks, you're missing a whole chunk of potential attacks. 

Well. . .If you ignore takedowns in BJJ, you're severely hindering yourself by missing out on a huge aspect of grappling.

The sad part is that many BJJ gyms don't even practice standing techniques at all. 

That's why I developed this Wrestling for BJJ video series. 

It's the same system I use and the same system I teach to all of my students. 

I've even been paid by gym owners to come and teach it to their gym. And now I'm making the best techniques I've come across to you. 

Here's What You Get Once You Invest In The Wrestling for BJJ Takedown System . . .
What You'll Learn with Wrestling for BJJ:
  • The feeling of being confident from ALL positions! (Many BJJ players are downright scared of takedowns. My Wrestling for BJJ series will change that.) 
  • ​Chewy's Favorite Takedowns: My highest percentage takedowns in competition.
  • Competitions And Fights Start On The Feet: Having takedowns makes sure that you'll be more comfortable and safe in a competition or fight which starts on the feet. . . not the knees.  
  • ​Don't have a partner? No problem! (Included in the series are a set of solo drills you can use to develop muscle memory for your takedowns even if you don't have a partner.)
  • Catch Them By Surprise! (Many BJJ players don't know techniques from Wrestling. This gives you an advantage of surprising them with something new they're not ready for, like the Sucker Drag.)
  • ​Got Bad Knees? (My high-level series is a set of powerful and basic takedowns that don't require you to drop and bang your knees on the mat.)
  • ​Takedown Defenses - Learn to counter takedowns and wrestler types with these highly effective defenses. 
  • ​Guard Pulling Done Right (You don't have to just butt scoot! With aggressive Guard Pulling you can go right for the sweep or even takedown)
  • ​How To Drill (Drilling is the "secret" to making techniques automatic. Learn my favorite takedown drills to speed up your abilities while keeping risk of injury low.) 
  • ​Dictate Position In Competition (With a strong takedown base, you decide where the match goes.)
  • ​Over 50+ takedown related videos to bring your standup BJJ skills to the next level. 
  • ​Bonus Q&A Section (We fielded questions from BJJ practitioners with their biggest takedown questions and included them in the series.) 
  • ​Fear Free Rolling (Getting slammed to the ground is a big worry for grapplers. Sound takedown fundamentals lessen the chances of that happening.) 
  • ​Simple, Effective, High %  (All the techniques included are battle-tested and have a strong fundamental base. There are no fluff techniques in this series.) 
  • Chain Together Multiple Attacks (You'll learn how to setup and combine multiple attacks just like you would from your guard or any other positions in BJJ.)
  • ​Black Belt Tested, White Belt Approved (I've only included the sound fundamental techniques I use as a BJJ Black Belt and successfully teach to White Belts. They work at all levels!)
  • ​GI and No Gi Options (I personally don't like to be limited to 1 style of BJJ. So I include techniques that will work no matter what you're wearing.)
  • ​Bad For Me Good For You. (I have a nasty habit of going back and adding more content later on as I find new tips, adjustments and concepts. It's more work for me but you get the additional updates at no additional charge.)
  • A Step-by-Step Approach. (You'll learn in an A-B-C-D style format where 1 technique leads right into another.)
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The Best Part Is These Takedowns 
As an active Black Belt competitor in BJJ. I cannot afford to play around with "fluff" techniques. You know what those are right?

They're techniques that look cool but aren't practical and have a very looooow success rate. Instagram is overrun with these. 

But for myself and my students my job is to curate the best techniques that I've used or learn and put them together. 

And that's what I've done with this series. 

Included in the Wrestling for BJJ series are all the best techniques I've used personally or taught my students with success. 

If it hasn't been used at a relatively high level, it was scrapped before it ever got recorded. So if you find a technique you like in the series you can be sure it will be worth practicing. 
Delivered to you Instantly with Digital Access
Only $97
Takedowns for BJJ
Takedowns specifically developed for BJJ. Not only will you learn how to get someone down, but how to keep them there and stay of out of trouble in the process. 
A Systematic Approach
It's a step by step approach. The videos are broken up in a way to help get you from point A to point B rather than just throwing lots of random techniques.
Aggressive Guard Pulls
My favorite Guard Pulling techniques that lead right into takedowns and sweep when I'm up against a better wrestler.
Solo Drills
A special Solo Drills video including 7 different solo drills to develop better movement for takedowns. 
Defenses & Counters
What do you do if you're taken down? Included are 11 videos dedicated to defending and counters takedowns. 
How to Drill Them
Techniques are nice. But to make them effective, you have to drill them. In this series I show you exactly how I drill. Both in an effective and safe manner. 
So after reading through all of this you might be wondering what the price is going to be?

Well, most DVD or video instructional with as much material as I've included typically run no less than $70+ . . .

In fact I've sold it for that much in the past.

You could also find a Wrestler or BJJ practitioner with good takedowns and start taking privates. That could run you anywhere from $50 - $300 per session. 

You could go through the ridiculous amount of work I went through to develop these techniques. 

You could also physically come to my gym and train with me. 

Combine the flight to Louisville, along with room and board and other travel expenses. And it gets pricey pretty fast. 

You could also get online and piece together different techniques and try and make your own Bjj Takedown System. 

That all sounds like a lot of work to me, and a ton of time. 

So rather than spent all that money and time. . .

I'm going to give you the Wrestling for BJJ (Takedown System) series at a super affordable price. . .
Delivered to you Instantly with Digital Access
Only $97
Still not convinced?

As with every video and product I produce. My goal is to give you the techniques, tactics and strategies to be successful on and off the mat. . .

And I stand behind everything I do. . .

So if you get the Wrestling for BJJ series, and you aren't completely satisfied, just send an email to support@chewjitsu.net within 30 days and I will refund you 100%. 
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